In Greek tradition and culture cultivating, preparing and sharing food is a ritual. The journey of the senses starts from mother-earth and finishes at a feast on a table where all the family, friends and companions share the same nourishment and enjoy the sublime result of their efforts. For Greeks preparing a meal for someone is the ultimate token of respect, gratitude, friendship and love.

TLG aspires to introduce the superior quality, wealth and diversity of Greek products to gastronomy enthusiasts and familiarize them with the exquisite balance, simplicity and excellence of the Greek food culture that is beginning to re-conquer its rightful place in the world gastronomical map. The Life Goddess is your trustworthy partner for supplying the finest Greek products.

In Greek mythology, Amalthea is the most frequently mentioned foster-mother of Zeus. Her name in Greek (“tender goddess”) is clearly an epithet, signifying the presence of an earlier nurturing goddess, whom the Hellenes, whose myths we know, knew to be located in Crete, where Minoans may have called her a version of “Dikte”. Amalthea is sometimes represented as the goat who suckled the infant-god in a cave in Cretan Mount Aigaion, sometimes as a goat-tending nymph of uncertain parentage, who brought him up on the milk of her goat.

The Life Goddess (TLG), greek deli divine, is a genuine cuisine project aiming to become a reference of new hellenic kitchen to the world. The cooking philosophy is based on a rustic tradition, so unrefined and simple that is deeply friendly and relaxing. It is the earthiness of the ingredients and the simplicity of the techniques that serve the cuisine peasant that characterize TLG identity. The plentiness of a food culture that includes a true feeling of completion is an experience we aim to create for every and each customer.

The Life Goddess, experimental divine is not just another greek restaurant.

Our philosophy is that good quality sustenance is the epitome of a healthy and happy life! At The Life Goddess we offer food that is grown in the ideal Greek climatic conditions: fruit and vegetables ripened under the abundant Greek sunlight, meat, fish and poultry grown by local cattle farmers and fishermen using traditional environment-friendly methods, superbly balanced, mouth-watering appetizers, salads, main courses and preserves in recipes that will simply blow your mind and arguably the best wines you ever tasted!

All in all The Life Goddess, greek deli devine aims to bring the best of Greece at a beautifully designed deli in the heart of London!
The Life Goddess, greek deli divine succeeded in creating the bridge from production to tasting experience passing from the product development and the cooking treat. TLG has been running its' flag store in Central London since january 2013, in the very busy area of Bloomsbury, minutes from The British Museum and Oxford street. The store covers a 2000 sq. feet and is open 7 days a week from 09.30 to 23.00. It operates both as a coffee shop and a small restaurant, being able of serving 50 people. The main area of the shop, giving it a strong character, is the delicatessen section. More than 300 products, most of them carrying the TLG little goat brand, are the basic ingredients for our breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Signature products made with unique recipes and a lot of love represent the strength of greek artisan producers to highlight and capture the greek taste in a jar.

The Life Goddess, greek experimental divine, our second project that opened in Kingly Court mid of September, encaptures a great effort to serve not only proper greek food but unique greek wines. The One Barrel project is a well executed idea that will offer 15 experimental wines in a total quantity of 300 bottles only, each time. Signature cocktails will be made and served exclusively for The Life Goddess, experimental.
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Christmas Party at The Life Goddess !

Only The Life Goddess knows how to offer proper Greek hospitality.

So, what is it more to ask for your Christmas party?!

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Amazing brunch @thegoddess!

Are you bored of the same old things?

Try the lifegoddess new brunch menu!


New salad on the dinner menu!

Enjoy our summery new salad on the dinner menu with amazing artichoke from Syros island with greek cherry tomatoes in lemon dressing!


Try our amazing Greek meze series with two new products just landed!


Order your Easter tsoureki (sweet, egg-enriched bread) and chocolate eggs for the family gatherings on Easter holidays!


Free delivery over 80 pounds orders! Take advantage of our promotional offer!


Grab one of our cotton bags and use it many many times! Stylish and environmental friendly at the same time!


It's Sunday tomorrow and it's mousaka day! Limited availability :)


Try our delicious Greek style Pork belly marinated with petimezi, exclusively made for us from Marianna Kazaki; perfectly matched with a red wine from Naoussa!


Weekend brunch! Try our great selection of homemade greek pies, made only with extra virgin olive oil and fillings!


Our online e-shop is now ready to take your order! Taste the differesh!

new products, new flavours

Try our amazing greek porcini, handpicked from Grevena forests and our truffle olive oil from the mountains of Halkidiki!

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Holiday openings

We wish you the best holidays of your life -yet- and may be those that you dream.

The Life Goddess in Kingly Court will be open during the holiday season except Christmas Day and New Years Day. The Deli in Store street will be closed from the 25th of December to the 2nd of January.

There is always time to try our new menu and the upcoming new wine list in Kingly Court. Possible the best greek wine list outside Greece,



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